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physiomos therapie personnes agees aines

Preventative Physiotherapy

Better safe than sorry!

This custom program aims to improve the quality of life for those with reduced mobility. It can be implemented both in a clinic or at home.

What will it bring to your life?

√ Reduce the risk of falls

√ Prevent certain pathologies

√ Prevent the loss of cognitive abilities

√ Rehabilitate your physical and motor skills

√ Improve your strength (thus delaying sarcopenia)

√ Gain mobility 

How can I help you?

The different techniques

Visceral manipulation

What if your back pain comes from your belly?


It is the association between electrical stimulation and acupuncture points, within your pathology, to intensify the efficacy of your treatment.


A myofascial technique that uses anatomic hooks to treat pathologies related with your muscles and tendons. They allow for a deeper and more precise treatment.


These are elastic bands that support the muscle and joint. But they are only effective if applied correctly.


Trigger point

It is a mini-contraction that doesn’t relax – a sort of knot. When the trigger is active, it can cause localized or even radiating pain.

ATM - Jaw

Does your mandible hurt? Do you have a hard time opening your mouth or have pain while chewing?

Maybe you have headaches? Tinnitus?

It can all be related with your jaw…

Postural and gait analysis

A bad posture and bad walking habits can be the source of your chronic pain.

Dry needling

Do you have annoying stress points that do not go away?

Use dry needling to get relief, by going deeper into the source of pain.

Muscular chains

With the muscular chains, we must look at our body as a whole, i.e. knee pain can very well come from a back problem.


The re-education of your perineum in order to reduce urinary incontinence, recover from a drop of your pelvic organs or simply for women after childbirth.

Pain during sex and general pelvis discomfort can be relieved via the relaxation of the pelvic floor and visceral tensions.

Electrical stimulation

Using electricity to get rid of your pain or recover from muscle atrophy.

Sara Mós

Physiotherapist since 2011

The fact that I already worked in multiple places has allowed me to diversify my techniques and develop an ability to adapt to any scenario.

I also have a postgraduate degree in Exercise and Sports Medicine, which has given me the possibility to deepen my knowledge of sports injuries and postoperative.

The Woman’s Health subject is a passion of mine. Within this topic, I’ve developed projects to help women getting back in shape. This is especially, but not only, for women who have given birth or have undergone surgery.

From my perspective, the patient must be seen as a whole, and it is for this reason that I’ve been continuously specializing in multiple domains throughout the years – this way I can do as much as possible for my patients.

This can become handy and very effective in chronic cases, where I tackle the problem from multiple fronts, with innovative techniques.

I speak French and Portuguese fluently and I also have a good-enough level of English and Spanish.

Sara Mos Physiomos

Special offers

Start taking care of you today!

Percussion sports massage with massage gun

60 .-
A 30 min treatment at Aubonne's Clinic.
Tension relief
Relief of general body aches
Specific Trigger point work
Blood flow improvement
Removal of muscle debris

Getting back to active after pregnancy

75 .-
45 min session (+ house call travel fee, if applicable)
Covered by your basic health insurance
Return to physical activity the right way
Custom program, adapted to your goals
Giving you the help you need without compromising your health
Knowing which exercises suit you best
Muscle toning

Postural Analysis

120 .-
1h15 min treatment at Aubonne's Clinic
Understand your mobility
Know your weaknesses
Tips to improve your posture
Understanding recurrent injuries
Learn specific exercises to fix your posture

Frequently asked questions

Please call (+41) 078 627 35 95. If I don’t pick up, then please leave a message (either by text or voicemail). I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can always send me an e-mail or fill in the form.

In order for your physiotherapy sessions to be covered by your health insurance, you must have a medical prescription for physiotherapy, issued by a certified doctor.

Of course! However, that treatment will not be covered by your base health insurance. When you do so, please make sure you state you are coming without a prescription.

Without a medical prescription, each 45 minute session will cost 75.-

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